Missy Elliott Breaks Down Why Sophomore Album ‘Da Real World’ Ended Up Being Her ‘Most Stressful’ Record

“Sophomore Albums are a very PIVOTAL time for artist! Here is a gem from MISSY! Your sophomore album be stressful but it’s the BEST ALBUM to EXPERIMENT on! Don’t be AFRAID! Becuz If u play safe you will be BOXED in & its hard to get out because your fans get used to that 1 sound 💯,” she wrote at the time.

Missy added, “People normally charge for this kind of info but I’m giving this to the artist for FREE now let’s see who will be WISE enough to absorb this knowledge like a sponge and APPLY it to their work! 💯 pay ATTENTION I also learned from the GREATS💯”

Cardi B, who happened to sample “She’s A Bitch” for her “Like What (Freestyle)” earlier this year, could also count on her Atlantic Records labelmate for some advice for her highly-anticipated follow-up to 2018’s Invasion of Privacy.

“Absolutely yes it’s the time to experiment,” said Elliott on X in April, in response to a fan’s suggestion that 31-year-old Cardi “win” people back by giving fans what they need.”