Miley Cyrus Releases ‘Edge of Midnight’ Mashup Remix With Stevie Nicks

Miley Cyrus has answered fans’ prayers and released “Edge of Midnight (Midnight Sky Remix),” a mashup of her new single “Midnight Sky” and Stevie Nicks’ spiritual predecessor, “Edge of Seventeen.”

Unsurprisingly, Cyrus’ synth-pop banger blends perfectly with Nicks’ 1982 hit. The two singers trade off verses from both songs, and it’s difficult to tell exactly what was recorded in 2020 or nearly 40 years ago. If her recent marathon of covers weren’t enough, “Edge of Midnight” is further proof that Cyrus is in her element when calling back to classic rock legends.

“Midnight Sky” is the lead single to Cyrus’ upcoming seventh studio album, Plastic Hearts, due out on November 27th. The pink-and-black album cover was shot by legendary rock & roll photographer Mick Rock and the record will include 12 original songs alongside Cyrus’ recent live covers of Blondie’s “Heart of Glass” and the Cranberries’ “Zombie.” The album will arrive in the place of two EPs that Cyrus planned to release this year and later canceled after undergoing vocal cord surgery, although she did release the one-off single “Slide Away.”

For her second stint on MTV’s Unplugged franchise, Cyrus tackled songs by Nico, Pearl Jam, and Britney Spears and belted the Cranberries and the Cure for Save Our Stages Festival.