Miley Cyrus on Beyoncé Collab: ‘We Don’t Have to Get Country; We Are Country’

Miley Cyrus and Beyoncé‘s relationship is deeper than music.

In a new interview with W Magazine, Cyrus shed light on her longtime friendship with Bey.

“Sometimes I forget to talk about things that are a ­normal part of my day-to-day, like texting with Beyoncé,” she shared. “I think it’s a really cute part of our relationship, because over the past couple of years I’ve really locked down on my privacy and on what I share with the public. She’s the same way. Part of our relationship is the safety between us.”

Cyrus first crossed paths with Beyoncé at a Stand Up to Cancer event in 2008, where the then-14-year-old Disney star performed alongside established pop stars such as Bey and Rihanna.

The “Flowers” singer remembers the moment fondly, as she credits Beyoncé and Rihanna with being “protective” over her.

“I was ­sandwiched between Beyoncé and Rihanna, who were, you know, five feet ten inches and in heels,” she reflected. “Their hips were, like, up to my shoulders. They were these powerful, fully realized, grown women, and I’m pretty sure I had braces on the back of my teeth. They were protective of me.”

Cyrus also spoke about how her latest collaboration with Bey, “II Most Wanted” on Cowboy Carter, came to be.

“So when Beyoncé reached out to me about music, I thought of it right away because it really encompasses our relationship,” she shared. “I told her, ‘We don’t have to get ­country; we are country. We’ve been country.’ I said, ‘You know, between you being from Texas and me being from Tennessee, so much of us is going to be in this song.’ Getting to write a song, not just sing, for Beyoncé was a dream come true.”