Mike Shinoda Drops Gritty Video for 'Running From My Shadow' Featuring Grandson: Watch

Linkin Park rapper Mike Shinoda dropped the lo-fi video for his solo track "Running From My Shadow" on Thursday (May 24), in which he deliver's the song's hard-hitting verses on deserted, nighttime streets. "I'm running from my shadow/ Running from my shadow but it's still there chasing me down/ I'll never win the battle/ Never win the battle and I should have known it by now," he sings on the track's yearning chorus.    

"Running," which will appear on Shinoda's upcoming Post Traumatic album (June 15), also features a fragile, falsetto verse from Toronto singer Grandson, who co-stars in the video, in which Shinoda delivers his rapid-fire verses into the camera, often staring and screaming directly into the lens. The clip is the third from Shinoda's release, coming on the heels of "Crossing a Line," "Nothing Makes Sense" and "About You." Shinoda is prepping for his Post Traumatic Tour in Asia in August, where the vocalist for the multi-platinum Grammy-Award winning rock band will perform in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Osaka and Tokyo. They will be his first-ever solo performances in Asia.    

Although he took a break from Linkin Park in 2005 to pursue a hip-hop project called Fort Minor, Post Traumatic is the first album that Shinoda will release under his own name.     

Check out the video below.     

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