Mike Quill takes us on a trip to “SLOUGH AVENUE”

Mike Quill drops a new track "SLOUGH AVENUE," a captivating visual that takes place in a laundromat, quite fitting for the track's simple and raw emotional lyrical delivery.  

On "SLOUGH AVENUE," Mike Quill displays his impeccable lyrical skill coupled with his distinctive tone, which beautifully exudes his English accent, giving this track a pleasant twist. Through intriguing writing and witty wordplay, the way he rhymes the words makes us constantly feel like we are trying to solve a puzzle. Dropping catchy bars, we first-handedly see the strength in his lyricism, as he opens his mind and allows us insight in his environment. That impressive talent, mixed with the perfectly calm background production (specifically the piano keys, clarinet, and low-key snappy beats are the perfect combination), lets the power and strength in his voice take over. 
Mike Quill is an artist from England who expresses his unique stories through music. Releasing a few singles earlier this year coupled with visuals as well, Mike Quill's name definitely rings bells, especially for the uniqueness that exists in his tone and flow.
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