Mike Crigs checks in with his relatable new single, “Puzzle Pieces”

Breakups are never easy to get over, no matter how amicable the split was. Hailing from New England, rising songwriter Mike Crigs knows this as well as anybody. After amassing a respectable fanbase due to buzz garnered from collaborations like this one, the rising vocalist has set his sights on getting a little deeper with listeners. Taking that step forward, he checks into our pages for the first time with his empathetic take on breakups, "Puzzle Pieces."

Set to the tone of acoustic guitars and stripped down production from Crigs himself, "Puzzle Pieces," challenges Mike's abilities as a songwriter. Almost immediately, he answers the call with a relatable record about deciding to leave a relationship that you still feel love in, which is something every person has felt. The impressive part about it is how he flips his personal situations into an amalgamation of sorts, allowing the audience to focus their attention on one person. "On a sinking ship, and I can't swim. Someone reach for me, I'm falling in," croons the rising vocalist before doubling down right after with and "I thought I had what you need, only reason I can sleep, is I know someone will take care of you," which are both lyrics that anybody can see themselves in.

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