Mija Shines with Deeply Personal Debut EP 'How To Measure The Distance Between Lovers'

how do you measure the distance between lovers? well, I guess the first question you need to ask yourself is, “what is the distance between lovers?” and, “by what unit is it measured?” is it by weeks? is it by miles? is it by milliliters? you see the thing is, you can’t actually see the distance. it’s more a feeling. a change pace. a subtle shift in tone. the distance doesn’t exist in this physical realm. it exists in the space in between. for a short period time you could live in that space, knowing that nothing lasts forever.

That thoughtful, deeply personal monologue is only the  to Mija‘s exquisite 7-track release, How To Measure The Distance Between Lovers EP. Let those words sink in for a moment, lose all your expectations, and then prepare yourself to get lost in Mija’s first full body work. Are you ready?

Each song serves as journal-like entry about a past love, as Mija beautifully reflects on the good, the bad, and the ugly. She has a special way sharing her own introspective thoughts and experiences, but still connects in a way everyone can relate to. Crystalized tears, phone calls, whispers, screams, and everything in between — How To Measure The Distance Between Lovers EP covers it all. It has the potential to drain you emotion and then some, if you let it.

“Notice Me,” “Bad For U,” and even “Falling apART (again)” might sound familiar, but as Mija delicately and deliberately tells her full story, it’s obvious these love-riddled songs only really exist together. One wouldn’t be as vital or precious without the next.

For quite some time, the producer has been holding on to all these emotional tracks, but now they are finally set free: for two and a half years — i cried over; laughed at; made love to; destroyed and somehow pieced back together this collection broken songs. and it consumed me. i was addicted to my sadness. i didn’t want to let go. but it doesn’t belong to me anymore. today i’m giving it to you, to do with it as you please. as for me, i’m happy to watch it burn.

Listen to Mija’s self-released debut EP right here.

Mija – How To Measure The Distance Between Lovers EP

Never B Alone Tour Dates

2/9 – Madison, WI – Liquid Nightclub
2/10 – Chicago, IL – The Mid
2/15 – Brooklyn, NYC – House Of Yes
2/16 – Philadelphia, PA – Rumour
2/17 – Savannah, GA – Elan
2/22 – Grand Rapids, MI – The Intersection
2/23 – Milwaukee, WI – Miramar Theatre
2/24 – Cambridge, MA – Sonia
3/2 – Dallas, TX – It’ll Do Club
3/10 – Phoenix, AZ – Scarlet at Monarch Theatre
3/16 – Seattle, WA – Foundation Nightclub

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