Micky James has a key message on mental health in “Shiver” [Video]

Lauded glam rocker Micky James is back with his all-new single and video for “Shiver” and we couldn’t be more excited about it. Best known for his fantasy-infused rock'n'roll, colorful aesthetic and throw-back '70s rock persona, Micky combines the old and the new to create an incredible mix of nostalgia and inventive experimentation.

Entitled “Shiver,” the song carries real emotional weight, but done so in a most clever method, offering the listener a high contrast effect between light and darkness, joy and sorrow, and of pleasure and pain, while preserving harmony and resulting in a composition that feels vibrant even though it’s laced with muddy, gloomy undertones. “Shiver” dives deep to examine the tougher issues associated with mental illness, and how suffering from mental illness can hurt and potentially destroy your close relationships. Interlaced with Micky’s signature charismatic melodies, the song alternatively features catchy guitar riffs, and joyful, upbeat vocals to show how we “’mask’ one’s true self or the darker parts of oneself."

The accompanying video for “Shiver” follows suit, bursting with bright, vivid hues, bubblegum rocker glam, and 70s inspired animation while at the same time showing a depressed Micky who is clearly suffering and in despair. 

Philly-based glam rock artist Micky James burst onto the scene in 2018. He has built a dedicated fanbase based upon his uncanny, creative ability to combine different eras with his unique artistic vision to form the ultimate theatrical show reminiscent of great performers such as David Bowie and Julian Casablancas.  "Shiver" follows Micky James live EP, recorded during the pandemic at the famed MET in Philadelphia. 

Check out “Shiver” here and remember that sometimes what we see on the outside is simply a façade that masks something deeper. Always lead with kindness, compassion, and understanding.

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