Mick Jenkins & Smino Tease Upcoming Single

I won't lie. There's something about Mick Jenkin's deliver and vernacular that resonates with me, and The Waters was a personal favorite when it dropped in 2014. Since then, the Chicago rapper has continued to evolve as an artist, solidifying himself as one of hip-hop's most unappreciated and slept on writers. The man simply deserves to be bigger, but patience is indeed a virtue. In the meantime, Mick can only continue to expand on his foundation. While it's been a minute since we've heard a full length project from the 6'5" (quit reachin) emcee, last year's or more; the frustration proved an enjoyable apertif. Still, we're eager to hear what Mick has to say.

Perhaps the time is nigh. Last night, Mick took to the Gram to post up a new picture, which seems to heavily suggest an impending single. To make the prospect even more exciting, it would appear that Smino will be playing a heavy role in Mick's next drop. Posted alongside some graffiti reading "New Coupe, Who Dis," Smino and Mick stand beneath the full moon, suggesting a continuation of or more's nocturnal vibes. 

The combination is a welcome one, as Smino is an excellent artist in his own right. Coming off the drop of last year's blckswn, the St. Louis rapper seems in a prime position to return to the fold. What better way to herald his arrival than a Mick Jenkins collaboration? Expect this one to drop in the imminent future.

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