Michigan Rapper Gmac Cash Flames City’s New Landmark on “Detroit Sign” Diss Track: ‘You Can Take It Back’

A rapper in Detroit isn’t happy with the city installing a new sign that welcomed people into the Motor City, and he released a diss song to express his feelings. 

On Wednesday, Gmac Cash released a new record titled “Detroit Sign” alongside a music video where he dragged the city for the sign and how it looked. The sign is located along I-94 and has left Detroit natives split in their feelings towards it, but Cash is making it clear the city can go ahead and remove it altogether. 

“One thing I’ma do, I’ma state the facts (Facts) / This ain’t the sign that we ordered, you can take it back (Bitch) / Like, here we go, thinkin’ we about to get some shit (For real) / Nah, they done ordered us a sign off fuckin’ Wish (Man),” Cash raps. “Now, I was lookin’ at this shit, I was like, ‘Damn’ (Damn) / You prolly not gon’ see this shit when you on a plane (For real) / All I wanna know, how much we paid for this? (How much?) / ‘Cause, real talk, man, shit, I could’ve made this shit (I could’ve).”