Michael Charles drops official video for “Homage”

Houston’s very own Michael Charles brings true hip-hop back, in a time where it seems like anyone and everyone believes they can be a rapper. His meaningful lyricism, classic hip-hop inspired beats, an unmatchable flow, and quality production makes him a truly exciting act to watch.

Taking inspiration from other rappers that came out of Houston, Charles sets out to be larger than life, just like those artists were to him growing up. While many rappers from his hometown have made a name for themselves in the state of Texas, Charles wants to be known worldwide. For that reason, he left and moved to Los Angeles to pursue bigger opportunities.

Charles is set to release his new album Beginners Luck, entirely produced by Grammy Nominated South Korean producer illuid Haller very soon. As we await the release of a full length project – the visual to his track “Homage” gives us a glimpse of what’s to come from this promising artist. 

“Homage” is a jazzy yet soulful track and the visuals so cleverly and perfectly balance the essence of the song with a subtle and intriguing storyline. Charles’s authenticity matched with his impressive lyrical ability and creativity – definitely makes him standout. Charles so vividly and poetically reflects on the track’s chorus as he’s asking himself,  “who’s gonna hold you down when it’s your time to flow?” in a way that makes the listener ask themselves that same question as well. He is a storyteller through and through, from the words he raps to the creative storytelling in his music videos. 

In the “Homage” video, Charles portrays a successful businessman who is a head of a company. A young lady is desperate to better her situation – she comes in for a job interview but when things don’t go as planned, she is forced to make ends meet the best way she knows how. On a typical night out with the guys, Michael and the young lady who he interviewed earlier in the day meet again during an unlikely encounter. 

Charles is an artist in which above all, seems to truly create from the heart. Seeing his immense potential across mediums, it’s exciting to see where his journey will go.

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