Metro Boomin Reveals ‘Corny Ass Tweets’ Came From Hacker: ‘What I Look Like Subbing Savage’

It’s clear why Metro Boomin doesn’t trust anyone after his phone and accounts were hacked for an extended period.

On Tuesday, Metro went to X and revealed that the hack began nearly two weeks ago, on the release date of his new Future collab album We Don’t Trust You, which just hit No. 1.

“Jus got my phone # and accounts back today somebody hacked me the day the album dropped smh,” Metro wrote. “And all those corny ass tweets all my day 1s know that’s nowhere in my character.”

The 30-year-old later clarified that he specifically meant the corny tweets, not all his posts on the platform. “I’ve been tweeting from my other phone since the album dropped,” he shared. “I just realized late last night that they got in my socials as well and not just iCloud. I deleted the few tweets that weren’t mine. everything else was me.”

Metro said people speculating he was subtweeting his many-time collaborator 21 Savage on Monday should’ve been a giveaway that something was awry. “What I look like subbing savage and we were on the phone for an hour 2 days ago. Y’all shoulda known something was up then but negativity and bad news travels faster and further than anything else.”