Megan Thee Stallion’s Cutthroat Alter-Ego Tina Snow Debuts Original Song on ‘P-Valley’

Megan Thee Stallion’s cutthroat alter ego Tina Snow made a grand return on Sunday when the rapper made a guest appearance at The Pynk, the strip club that serves as the basis to the Starz series P-Valley, to perform the original song “Get It on the Floor.”

Megan ultimately had limitless options of characters to try on for the brief role, but she’s been building out Tina Snow’s storyline since she first debuted her alternate persona on songs like “Big Ole Freak” and “ Cognac Queen” on the 2018 EP Tina Snow.

On P-Valley, the rapper shrugs off a lavish white fur coat as she ascends to the stage at The Pynk to perform alongside J. Alphonse Nicholson’s character Lil Murda – and “perform alongside” is just a nicer way of saying she rapped circles around him and likely everyone who has taken the stage there before she had ever stepped foot in the club.

“Man, these young niggas ain’t spendin’ like that, finna find me something that’s old,” Tina Snow spits before handing out a bar to join the rankings of Megan Thee Stallion snatching up dads and granddads alike: “Wit’ your grandaddy, sitting real pretty at the retirement home.”

“We have been wanting her to be on the show, whether it was as a rapper, as an actress, from season 1,” P-Valley creator Katori Hall told Entertainment Tonight. “With Tina Snow and [Lil Murda] onstage together, it was just this dynamic duo that I really, really am so proud that we were able to pull it off.”

She adds: “When they performed it that day [on set], the crowd went wild. They just couldn’t believe what they were watching and that they were, like, this close from Megan Thee Stallion and Tina Snow.”