Meet the Model on PartyNextDoor’s Provocative ‘P4’ Album Cover

By any measure, the cover art for PartyNextDoor’s new album PartyNextDoor 4 is a lot. 

The artwork, which features an image of a bare-naked woman in doggystyle position, managed to shock a generation that’s already accustomed to sexually provocative images on their social media timelines. As racy as it is indelible, the cover earned PND exactly the type of exposure that PR teams dream of when he posted it on Instagram last week (you can see it here if you haven’t yet). The model, Lanazia Greene (aka MaamiNextDoor), received a mix of praise, condemnation, and bewildered amusement. 

Within minutes of the cover reveal, people across the internet made memes and moral platforms out of the image. The reactions don’t phase Maami. “There were a lot of weirdos and a lot of different things. I don’t have any shame,” she tells Complex. “I love the album cover. I think the experience is dope. I’m proud of how it came out.”

Maami’s comments come with all the self-assurance of someone living out their dream. While her Instagram handle, MaamiNextDoor, could scan as a cute marketing ploy, there’s no strategy here; just a 24-year-old, a dream opportunity, and ceaseless PND fandom. Dating back to her days as a high schooler braiding hair for San Jose locals, Maami’s been a PND diehard. 

She was working a shift at European Wax Center when her United Casting Agency representative Hadi told her that she would be appearing on the PND 4 cover. After multiple shoots, she became a big part of the rest of the rollout, too. “It’s so crazy that the collab and all this is happening,” she says. “It was real manifestation.”

Speaking with Complex, Maami talks about the PND 4 cover, her PND fandom, photoshoot misconceptions, backlash, and more. The interview, lightly edited for clarity, is below.