Meek Mill, Who Is Looking to Buy ‘15 Acres in South NJ No Wetlands Tho,’ Says He Charges $250,000 for Verses

According to a 2022 Complex roundup highlighting how much rappers charge for a feature, Meek’s price seems to fall in line with his peers. The Philly native certainly demands a lot more money than J. Cole, who revealed last year that he does not charge for a verse, dispelling rumors claiming he receives $2,000 per word.

“Yo, bro, it’s just a bar, bro,” Cole said on Lil Yachty and Mitch’s A Safe Place podcast. “Like, a lot of my bars be really on point but that’s just a flex. I’m not gonna charge a n***a $2,000 a word. I don’t even charge n***a for the verse, I’m doing this shit because I’m inspired to do it.”

He continued, “I’m not charging n***as because, you know, I want to be on the song. I wouldn’t do that.”

On Wednesday, Meek went on to explain that his involvement and worth goes beyond the song’s performance on the charts. In addition to a verse, an artist gets the opportunity to expand their audience, which includes his tens of millions of followers.

“Some of these artist need others platform to get their point across and I offer them data and fanbase opportunities along with mass marketing I have 50 millions followers with real engagement,” the rapper wrote.