Matt Sumen Sets The Bar High For Creators By Releasing Six New Singles At Once

Imagine living and creating in the same period as the musical genius  Matt Sumen. The El Segundo, CA-based producer-songwriter and pure talent Sumen recently released six new singles separately from one another, not as an album, and set the bar as high as ever before in the industry. When was the last time that you've heard of something like this? Probably never because such success requires not only the utmost raw talent but also extremely dedicated and hard work, not everyone is capable of putting into their projects. 

Sumen's new releases are very different from one another, thus making the release even more colorful for the audience. His songs are mainly in rock, pop, and a dance tune, sometimes mixing the genres and from time to time going for their original, classic sound. In any shape and form, Sumen's music is brilliant and inspiring. His new releases have quite interesting stories to tell not only musically but lyrically too. 

For instance, one of them is dedicated to pandemic times and is called "The Covid-19 Fix." Pretty intriguing, isn't it? "Hold Me, Love Me," on the other hand, is a love song that will leave you no other chance but hug the love of your life and dance them till the very last notes of the song and not let them go away, ever. 

The other songs are titled "Let It, Roll," "Critical Rescue," "Silly Songwriter," "All I Want," and all of them will give you new, beautiful emotions to make your day a bit better and brighter. Please don't lose this chance and start listening to them right now. 

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