Mase Reacts to Feds Raiding Diddy’s Homes: ‘Reparations Is Getting Closer’

“Yesterday was the anniversary of Biggie Smalls’ album, 27 years later,” Cam said of the late rapper’s album Life After Death. “That’s what I seen yesterday. That’s what I was talking about.”

“It’s amazing that all of this would transpire on that day,” Mase said. Cam also mentioned that Monday was the 21st anniversary of The Diplomats’ album Diplomatic Immunity.

“That’s eerie, man,” Mase said.

Of course, neither mentioned Sean Combs by name. Mase and Diddy have a long, embattled history. Mase was signed to Bad Boy Records in the late ’90s and early 2000s, when he gave his publishing rights to Diddy for $20,000.

He attempted to acquire his catalog for years after; in January 2020, he publicly slammed Diddy when he turned down Mase’s offer to buy back his publishing for $2 million. Last August, Cam’ron revealed that Mase finally got his publishing back from Diddy and Mase had just finished the paperwork.