Maryze shares her 80s-glazed icy single “Too Late” [Video]

Montreal-based artist Maryze shares her new 80s-inspired single "Too Late". Paired with a self-directed video, the track navigates through the overwhelming moments of feeling stuck in life. Backed by a beat that juxtaposes all those negative emotions, the single transforms into an icy, anthemic number.


Recently going viral for her icicle ratings on TikToks (no, really!!), Maryze's heart is forever dedicated to the music she makes. Seatbelting the listener into a time machine and jetting back to huge shoulder pads and bouffant perms, "Too Late" blends 80s drum machines with bouncy synth patterns to capture the whimscal sounds that defined an era. And as ever, Maryze's hauntingly beautiful vocals add an extra layer of extravagance.

Working once again with producer Solomon K-I, Maryze tells us more about the track's origins. “I wrote this song when I was feeling both frustrated about wasting time, and also completely unable to motivate myself in the pandemic," she explains. "I was kicking myself while I was down, which obviously isn’t helpful to get back up. For some reason, even if the lyrics are pretty depressing, the song came out upbeat and dancey. I immediately heard it with an 80s beat – the era of sad dancefloor hits.”

There's always a huge comfort to Maryze's music, a quality that makes it feel like she's singing directly to you. Her music is delicate yet strong, soft yet bold, everything you want but also everything you didn't know you needed. She quite simply has the ability to uplift, and considering the times that we're living in now, that is something we all so desperately need.

"Too Late" is released via Hot Tramp Records.

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