Marlowe return with brand new single “Past Life” [Video]

Hip-hop duo Marlowe,  producer L’Orange and emcee Solemn Brigham, first joined forces a few years ago and are back kicking off a third new project with the release of “Past Life”—an upbeat cinematic jazz-infused jam that showcases Solemn’s underrated rapping prowess and a reminder of L’Orange’s beat mining talents. The charismatic Solemn Brigham leads the charge with his animated flow and insightful lyrical display with lines like “see, keeping it a buck is knowing when to stand ground/ I’m the one to stand up and I’m the one to punch down“. He gives listeners a nuanced view of the duality of life and how it’s not always black and white in many instances so choose your battles wisely.

The single also comes with a visual that taps into the theme of the song. The use of split screens masterfully portrays the different viewpoints of the rapper as he does what he knows best.

“Past Life” is the lead single from Marlowe’s forthcoming album Marlowe 3. The project is inspired by the duo’s extensive UK tour in 2021 and also dives into their growth as men and recording artists who have to also move with the changes.

Connect with Solemn Brigham: Twitter
Connect with L’Orange: Twitter

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