marbey is it you remix

Marbey and Mind Booster Beast Electrify “Is It You?” with Remix Blast

Forget the slow jams. Songstress Marbey and electronic music producer Mind Booster Beast are hitting the gas with their electric remix of “Is It You?“. This high-octane makeover ditches the original’s soulful intimacy for a full-on electro-pop explosion, ready to set dance floors on fire.

The original “Is It You?” was a powerful exploration of longing and lost love. Marbey‘s voice soared with raw emotion, leaving a lasting impression. This remix keeps the heart of the song intact—the yearning for a second chance—but injects a dose of electric energy. Think shimmering synths and infectious beats that will have you moving in no time. Marbey’s vocals effortlessly glide over the pulsating rhythm, creating a soundscape that’s both uplifting and undeniably catchy.

This collaboration is a winning combination. Marbey, known for her soulful voice and genre-bending spirit, meets her perfect match in Mind Booster Beast’s ability to craft irresistible electronic soundscapes. The result is a genre-fluid masterpiece that defies categorization. Fans of both pop and electronic music will find something to love in this electrifying fusion.

“Is It You? (Remix)” is more than just a dance track; it’s a sign of Marbey‘s artistic evolution. The song showcases her willingness to experiment and push boundaries, all while staying true to her powerful vocals and emotionally charged lyrics. It’s like taking a beloved classic and giving it a modern makeover, complete with a dance floor-ready twist.

With this fresh take on a fan favorite, Marbey and Mind Booster Beast are poised to make a splash on the music scene. This dynamic duo is definitely one to watch, and “Is It You? (Remix)” is the perfect entry point for new fans to discover their infectious sound. So, put on your dancing shoes, hit play, and let Marbey and Mind Booster Beast take you on a journey of pure sonic joy!

Play the new remix of “Is It You?” here: