Manuel Turizo Goes From ‘La Bachata’ to ‘El Merengue’ on New Marshmello Single

Sweet as Bombón

Turizo and Marshmello wrote and made the song “front to back” during their first session together, they tell Rolling Stone

Manuel Turizo just wants to dance. Months after the success and virality of his song “La Bachata,” the Colombian superstar is back with another Latin genre-themed single, “El Merengue.” And this time, he’s joined by DJ Marshmello.

“Merengue is a rhythm that all of us Latinos have within our DNA,” Turizo tells Rolling Stone. “We wanted to have the opportunity with Marshmello, such a global-recognized producer, to bring and propose another element of what he is known for in music and with other artists.”  

This is the first time the EDM star and Turizo collaborate on a song, and the track came together during their first session together. “It was an amazing experience,” Marshmello tells Rolling Stone. “We had never met before and met that first day in the studio and ran with this idea. We finished the song that day front to back which was amazing, too.”

The video for the song — which marries Marshmello’s electronic beat with a classic merengue sound — follows Turizo in a club as he watches his love interest from across the dancefloor and reminisces about their past. “I said I forgot about you, but I hadn’t gotten over you,” he sings in Spanish.

The video flashes to Turizo running to the restroom to puke before he climbs into the toilet and falls into an abyss, where he’s joined by his love interest while freefalling. The visual then returns to reality: He’s just been daydreaming while scrolling through photos of his ex.

The duo teased their collaboration in New York City’s Times Square two weeks when Turizo showed up wearing Marshmello’s helmet before removing it while surrounded by a sea of fans.


“El Merengue” is Turizo’s first release of the year. Last year, he was joined by Maria Becerra for “Extasis.” He also dropped “Los Cachos” with Piso 21 and “Bonita” with Blessd and Fuego.

Back in October, the singer spoke to Rolling Stone about the success of “La Bachata,” and his motivation for making upbeat music that makes people want to dance. “As a listener, I like songs that make me feel things. When I make music, I want people to relate to what I’m singing about,” he said.