Manchin, on Fox News, Refuses to Call Himself a Democrat

party pooper

The senator preferred to identify as “an American”

Senator Joe Manchin, an alleged Democrat, went on Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo — the Sunday morning equivalent of Tucker Carlson — and declined to identify as a member of the Democratic Party. That’s right, the senator who jokes with Republicans about switching parties, is now claiming he is an “American” instead of a Democrat.

“Do you still identify as a Democrat?” Bartiromo asked the senator at the conclusion of the interview.

“I will be involved in any way I can to help,” Manchin said.

“Do you still identify as a Democrat?” the host repeated.

“I identify as an American,” the senator replied.

Immediately before Bartiromo asked which party he identifies with, she and Manchin were discussing the senator’s political future. When Bartiromo inquired if Manchin had plans to run for president, he did not give a straight answer, choosing to instead spout platitudes about “coming together.”

“My main concern is how do we bring this country together? How do we make it work? How do we make Democrats and Republicans become Americans again and not just party affiliates… We’re pushing people further apart, making people take a side, and then we’re rewarding for bad behavior. The country has to be about America and coming together. I’ll be involved any way I can to help,” Manchin said.


Bartiromo pressed him, asking if he had any plans to run for president or governor of his home state, but Manchin demurred, instead preferring to identify as an “American” only.

Manchin’s party affiliation is a matter for discussion because he has made numerous attempts, along with his colleague Sen. Kyrsten Sinema who left the party in December, to derail Democratic priorities. He voted against increasing taxes on the rich and blocked voting rights legislation. He has become close pals with right-wing billionaires, and he is in bed with big coal.