Majid Jordan Creates a World of Pure 'Imagination' at L.A. Show

“L.A., how are you doing? I would like to welcome you to the Majid Jordan show tonight. I would love to thank you from the bottom my heart.”

Those were the welcoming words Majid Al Maskati the R&B duo Majid Jordan proclaimed to an eager audience on Wednesday night at The Wiltern in Los Angeles’ Koreatown neighborhood.

Over the course a nearly hour and a half set, the Canadian duo took over the jam-packed venue with a simple stage setup — only utilizing neon lights varying colors as their backdrop — and solely relied on their sultry tunes to ignite Angelinos.

Majid Jordan launched the show with their own Jordan Ullman greeting the audience and spinning “Intro” from their sophomore album, The Space Between. The pair stuck with the order the actual record, subsequently performing “Gave Your Love Away” and “OG Heartthrob.” Creatively and technically, this was a wise decision for their set, seeing that the album moves with impeccable fluidity.

They interrupted their new material with “Small Talk” from their self-titled debut album. As frontman Al Maskati smoothly sang each tune, he frequently turned to the audience to sing along with him, and they obliged every time, belting out each note with a sense exuberance. The two continued with the “oldies but goodies,” taking it back to their very first EP, A Place Like This, with “All I Do.” Ullman seamlessly transitioned out the song and effortlessly eased into “Something About You.”

“That’s the first time we played that on tour,” exclaimed Al Maskati, and the crowd screamed in gratitude.

The R&B act returned to their latest album, playing the remainder the songs that comprise The Space Between. The selections included “You,” “Phases,” “Not Ashamed” and “Body Talk.”

While they performed “One I Want,” featuring PARTYNEXTDOOR, and “Imagination,” featuring DVSN, their OVO Sound labelmates didn't make guest appearances. There was one OVO Sound power player rocking out to Majid Jordan just as much as fans were: record producer (and Drake’s right-hand man for melodies) Noah “40” Shebib.

Before closing out the show, the pair conveniently concluded with the last two tracks from their 2017 project: “The Space Between” and “Outro.” After fering his velvety vocals, Al Maskati exited the stage and Ullman continued mixing and synthesizing beats. He finally looked up for one the few times the night to give an ode to the audience and subtly exited the stage as well.

At this point, most crowds would slowly start dismissing themselves from the venue, but this one held out in anticipation what seemed like an impossible ending. After a few minutes, Ullman returned to the stage to start again — mixing beats and eventually playing “Every Step Every Way for You.” That’s when we saw Al Maskati reappear from the right side the stage, singing the first words the soulful jam: “Follow me to the exit.”

Majid Jordan followed that up with a slower melody, “King City,” before (finally) performing debatably one their most popular songs to date, “Her.” There wasn't one human being in that room that was not belting out the words to the 2014 classic as it literally left everyone going out on a high note.

Set List
“Gave Your Love Away”
“OG Heartthrob”
“Small Talk” 
“All I Do”
“Something About You”
“One I Want” feat. PARTYNEXTDOOR 
“Imagination” feat. DVSN
“Not Ashamed”
“Body Talk”
“The Space Between”​

“Every Step Every Way for You”
“King City” 

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