Mack Maine Pokes Fun at TDE’s Punch Over Drake’s New Diss Track

Hours after Drake’s new diss track “Push Ups (Drop & Give Me Fifty)”leaked online Saturday, Young Money president Mack Maine celebrated the occasion by having a little fun at the expense of Top Dawg Entertainment president Punch.

The two label executives had a humorous exchange on X, formerly Twitter, where Mack trolled Punch after Drake took shots at Kendrick Lamar on “Push Ups.”

Their back-and-forth began with Mack asking Punch if he was still in the air after the TDE boss had revealed he was on a 12-hour flight to New Zealand. From there, he began referencing a line from “Push Ups,” hash-tagging his tweet #DropAndGimme50.”

“I’m in the trenches babbbyyy,” Mack wrote. “Just makin sure you made it safe. #DropAndGimme50.”

Punch responded by returning the favor with a reference to Kendrick’s verse on “Like That,” where he dissed Drake back in March. “Appreciate you. Made to NZ safe and sound. SZA tryna convince me to go hiking but I ain’t really Like That.”

Mack replied, “#Barz but if you do go when you fall make sure you #DropAndGimme50 ya heard me!! I was just checkin on ya tho. He added, “You usually get ya @stephenasmith & @realskipbayless on… you was real quiet today ain’t know if you had wifi on the [plane] … Enjoy NZ.”