LXVI catches a vibe on his summer anthem 'WOAH' –

Skating through the Hollywood Hills is the acai-loving, extroverted LXVI. Back with his new single “WOAH”, the genre-defying artist is quickly solidifying himself as an act to watch this summer.

Last year, LXVI decided on a whim to leave his hometown of Falmouth, Massachusetts for Los Angeles. While it was a big life change, it only took a few weeks for him to reap the benefits and decided to permanently trade East for West.

“WOAH” is perhaps the epitome of the artist’s journey and growth during that period, and is a cleverly boastful track that oozes with playful aggression. A catchy guitar line acts as a perfect backdrop to let LXVI’s voice and songwriting shine, as he laments the negative consequences success can have on a relationship. 

Between his ease of delivery or dynamism in vocal range, there’s a quiet confidence to LXVI that has us instantly hooked. To compliment the song further, LXVI released a music video which transitions between various LA backdrops and delivers dynamism with an infectious attitude to it. Catch the video below, and see for yourself.

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