LV FROM McComb Is Blowing Up Fast

LV is a talented performing recording artist hailing McComb, MS. LV hasn’t been a music artist for a long time but was able to gain a strong following and gain significant notoriety with a few releases. LV is known for songs such as, “Street N*gga”, “Live Again”, “Pulpit”, and more. He has asserted his own wave upon entry into the music industry. LV has ambition and won’t stop until he reaches the top. He has a strong passion for this. One of his biggest accomplishments is getting support and praise from family, friends, peers, & strangers. When they tell him they enjoy his music; it helps motivate him to keep going and pursuing his passion. Since releasing his music LV has received distribution offers for albums, management contracts, and even record deals. LV has expressed in the past that unless it makes sense; he will not sign. LV has a strong entrepreneurial mindset and strives to understand the music business just as much as he understands creating musical vibes for his supporters and fans. During COVID; LV used his time to perfect his craft and sound more in his studio. Right now LV and his team are working on marketing and continuing to make music for his fans. Right now LV is working on his first full length project. The project will be filled with emotion and he will be  collaborating with Grammy winning producers and more. LV is striving to stay focused and to work harder than ever before this year. This will be a big year for LV.

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