Lupe Fiasco Says He Never Apologized to Kendrick Lamar: ‘I Fear No Rapper of Any Kind’

“Maybe I should have just left it alone. Even though my impetus was the ‘Control’ verse,” Lupe wrote in 2018 on Instagram. “I mean you put yourself out there like that. So, you opened yourself up to critique…I apologize for even engaging and talking about n***as careers, I’ll never do that shit again.”

Fiasco has revealed that this time around, he hasn’t heard Kendrick’s verse on the Hot 100 chart-topping “Like That” or J. Cole’s “7 Minute Drill” besides “accidental little things scrolling through Social media and seeing the samples of the lyrics typed on memes.”

“Other than that I’m in the dark on the whole thing…and will remain so…next tweet,” he clarified. “I don’t really care. Goodnight…Eid Mubarak.”

He opted to steer clear because he “had a moment of clarity that we care too much about things that don’t mean anything..with all due respect.”