Ludacris Answers Katt Williams’ Illuminati Allegations and Wife Slander in New Freestyle and Fans Can’t Get Enough

The 46-year-old actor-slash-rapper opened with, “Whatever’s heavy on my heart is always on my mind/Like Snoop’s cannabis shredder I’m always on my grind/They throwing shade ‘cause n***as could never take my shine/I bring my watch collection on my jet, let me take my time/Like fine wine I’m aging like Benjamin/Top five, I’m worth mentioning/Bring me rappers, I’m lynching ‘em.”

Ludacris went on to spit, “Never been Illuminati, only Ill-Luda-nati/And I only left with bitches when coming from any party/Now I’m married with kids, the evolution of life/Never been a clout chaser, never say shit for likes/RIP John Singleton, you never have to flex when you earned every one of your Fast and Furious checks/Afro with the sideburns, yeah that’s my signature/Addiction’s on the rise, comedians check your temperature.”

In a nearly three-hour conversation on Sharpe’s podcast, Williams, 52, said of the man born Christopher Bridges, “So there was a crossroads where we were both invited to an Illuminati thing, and it had to be one or the other of us and decisions had to be made. So it was both of us. We were equal. One of us had to cut off all their hair and couldn’t do the sideburn thing no more, with the points. And the next person they said was going to get $200 million because they were going to pay him $10 million a movie to do 20 movies. And that’s how the conversation happened. One of those persons turned out to be Ludacris, and the other person turned out to be Katt Williams.”