Long Beach rapper Driew recruits Mozzy for new single “Love Me 4 Me” [Video]

Life is full of different chapters and transitions which hopefully culminate in growth. Hailing from Long Beach, rising rapper Driew has had a few different eras in the music industry. Initially landing on the scene by way of the Jerkin’ Era that engulfed the mid-to-late-2000s, he survived that downfall and tasked himself with becoming more well-rounded as an artist, as well as pushing on for those that may have been able to continue. Accomplishing those feats, he has stayed relevant throughout the years and checks into our pages for the first time with his new collaboration with Mozzy, “Love Me 4 Me.”

Speaking on fake love, “Love Me 4 Me,” is a poignant record that finds Driew and Mozzy reflecting on who’s really there for them. Touching on topics like betrayal, loyalty, pain and happiness, Driew utilizes his infectious knack for melodic progression and effortlessly showcases his abilities as a songwriter. While Mozzy certainly delivers a formidable verse, Driew is able to match that energy and then some, ensuring that his performance won’t get lost in the sea of a big feature. Directed by Zimmer, the video accompanies the vibe of the record perfectly as the gloomy filter perfectly reflects the nature of what’s being spoken about.

With this single already starting to make waves, hopefully, an EP or full length follows shortly. Until then check out the video below and get familiar with Driew.

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