London rapper Maison2500 makes a splash with his infectious video for”x2 Much Dope”

Over the last few years, London hasn't been bashful about looking to solidify their place among Hip-Hop royalty. Boasting emcees like Skepta, Dave, Giggs and more, the explosion of talent from the country has inspired a legion of up and coming artists looking to solidify themselves the same way, such as Maison2500. Hailing from London by way of Nigeria, the rising rapper has spent the last few months gaining a buzz due to his eclectic style and infectious vocal range, he checks into our pages for the first time with his high-octane video for, "x2 Much Dope."

Directed by Nick Freeman, the video finds Maison and his crew moving around, having fun in the empty streets of London. Draped in one of the more engaging visual lenses that has shown up in recent videos, the hazy visuals combined with the angsty energy from Maison and his friends do a fantastic job of bringing the record to life. Produced by 2AAB, most of the aforementioned energy stems from how unhinged Maison is over the eclectic production. Ditching conventional ebbs and flows of what normally determines a rap record, he instead opts for sonically engaging with the listener over making them run to their dictionaries in order to digest the lyricism, creating a great example of effective mood music. 

Serving as his second single of the year, lets hope that Maison2500 is getting ready to release a full length. Until then, check out the video above and get familiar.

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