London musician Mulimba reminds us to count our blessings on “Chasing Gold” [Video]

London-raised act Mulimba covers an expanse of sounds from soaring church choir to hard-hitting hip-hop on “Chasing Gold,” a powerful showcase of gospel-tinged beats and earworm electro hooks that speaks of a dreamer’s hustle to find their path. With a layered build of indie guitar picks and booming rhythms, the track is designed as a much-needed reminder to count your blessings and carrying forward to better days.

Infused with a trademark edgy enigma that’s found a place in his genre-hopping music, the track is a haunting yet upbeat offering made up of an intricate soundscape and uplifting message. Accompanied by a lo-fi, organic music video that cuts seamlessly between the gloss of his live performances and the grounding humility of his every day, Mulimba captures the charm that has seen him draw massive amounts of love since emerging onto the music scene in 2019.

Consistently building a sound that’s personable yet polished, versatility and unpredictability from the cornerstones of this exciting act who has managed to use the lockdown to hone his sound into something brimming with originality. Formed around the crux of his distinct wash of vocals, “Chasing Gold,” is an anthemic indie-hip-hop crossover that brings this rising act’s musical journey in 2021.

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