London artist IZZA explores finding joy in hard times on new single “Apocalypse”

London-based songwriter IZZA delivers powerful alt-pop production on latest single “Apocalypse,” tapping into her distinct ability to create anthemic yet minimalistic soundscapes. With a catchy but foreboding production and dark visuals that fits with its name, the track is not as bleak as it seems, bringing together the rising singer's sultry lilt with infectious sonics and an uplifting message. 

Written and produced alongside fellow London artist Zach Said, the track which evolved at the end of 2020 as a new wave of COVID-19 raged through London is about the pandemic and more about finding joy in hard times. Inspired by the abandoned streets and shuttered restaurants that marked a London that no one was used to, IZZA weaves impactful stories of silver linings in the darkness with articulate, poetic lyricism. 

Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of influences, "Apocalypse," speaks of an artist who fell in love with music at a young age and is now on the cusp of refining her musicality with groovy, earworm instrumentals launching into an optimistic chorus,“maybe our story starts, when everything falls apart/ let the apocalypse come.”

Speaking of the inspiration behind the track, she said," A bad time can pull us down, but it can also help us realise what and who we appreciate the most. The song talks about the fact that building up walls around our feelings and trying to tackle life all on our own is not the solution, but connecting with ourselves and others is.”

With critical acclaim achieved on her previous two singles “Lows” and “Made Up My Mind,” and an ever-growing fanbase, IZZA’s undeniable talent and unique, fearless take on alt-pop are quickly establishing her as an artist on the rise.

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