Lomijoh’s New Single ‘Lil Bossy’ Is Full Speed Attitude Of All Sheros

Lomijoh released her second track called ‘Lil Bossy,’ where, as you can guess, she is all about channeling her immense bossy energy. Lomijoh, a French-Cameroonian singer, rapper, and model gets the freedom, voice, and presence to do whatever she wants, and she’s making a clear statement about it. 

On ‘Lil Bossy,’ Lomijoh stretches and draws honest and meaningful lyrics and winds up surprisingly the power of rap and R&B vibes. After her romantic and poetic debut titled ‘Don’t Let It Go,’ ‘Lil Bossy’ is a full-speed HipHop track with wild energy. 

To a generation of young and strong women, Lomijoh can be a hero who verbalizes the empowerment hymns. Same as Lizzo, Nao and Dua Lipa, she uplifts women with her music and convinces them to take advantage of their strengths and be bossy without fear of being judged. 

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