Loka Mania Prawiro I love you evermore

Loka Mania Prawiro: A Powerful Ballad Revisits Love and Loss

Loka Mania Prawiro‘s story, from the halls of Pepperdine to sold-out concerts, is just as enthralling as the music he creates. Born in 1961, Loka’s love affair with music began at the ripe age of five, setting the course for his life. By nine, he was a guitar and piano whiz, influenced by everything from pop and rock to soul and classical.

In 1995, Loka dove headfirst into the music industry with his debut album, Back To the Old Days. It featured the now-legendary ballad, I Love You Evermore. Originally written in Indonesian as “Aku Makin Cinta” for his wife, the song’s timeless quality resonated with audiences everywhere.

Life took a harsh turn in 2018 when Loka lost his mother to cancer. Grief and self-reflection became his constant companions. Music, once again, became his sanctuary, his guiding light through the darkness. After an 18-year break, Loka returned to the studio, pouring his raw feelings and newfound wisdom into his work.

I Love You Evermore, Loka’s latest offering, is a heartfelt exploration of love and loss. Tracks like “Passion,” “The Secrets of a Woman’s Heart,” and “The Flower of My Heart” paint a vivid picture of emotions, each song a reminder of life’s impermanence.

Loka wasn’t alone in bringing his vision to life. Esteemed music arranger and producer Aminoto Kosin collaborated with him, weaving intricate melodies that tug at the listener’s core. The involvement of the Budapest Scoring Orchestra adds a layer of symphonic richness, taking the album to new heights.

For Loka, creating music is about laying his heart bare. Every song is a reflection of his experiences and emotions, a demonstration of his honesty and passion. I Love You Evermore is more than just music; it’s a journey of self-discovery, urging listeners to explore their own inner world.

As the album prepares to launch on September 1, 2023, Loka hopes to connect with audiences through universal themes of love, perseverance, and spiritual growth. With plans for future projects in the same vein, Loka’s musical adventure is far from over. His music promises to leave a lasting impression on listeners around the globe.

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