Lo Artiz presents a vibrant visual for her single, “Softly”

Los Angeles-based independent music artist Lo Artiz releases a visual for her single “Softly”, unleashed in collaboration with band H A U N T E R. This engaging release presents a warm, vibrant offering, following up on her recently released single titled “11:11.”

“Softly”, a thoughtful track dipped in bittersweet memories, illustrates the emotional process of grieving a relationship ending, and the heartbreak afterward. At the end of the process, Artiz finds herself again, realizing her worth and power. “Softly” brings everyone along this journey of heartbreak with Artiz, leaving with newfound confidence and a healed heart.

Artiz brings this journey to life in her music video with a performance that leaves people watching in a trance. The river, trees, loamy sand, and long grass compose a toned-down background representing the calm and serene production of “Softly”, evoking the sadness of Artiz’s heartbreak. Artiz, sitting in front along with the band H A U N T E R, sings from her soul, bearing all of her emotions while the audience sees and hears firsthand Artiz’s pain and anger in her facial expressions, movements, and her dynamic and layered voice.

Overall, “Softly” makes for a vivid, immersive release from the Los Angeles artist, with its emotionally-packed sound.

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