LL Cool J’s Ridiculous Antics Have Become Memes

LL Cool J has become the topic of conversation on social media again for some hilarious out-of-pocket moments over the years.

Earlier this week, someone on X, formerly known as Twitter, shared a tweet reflecting on the Queens rap legend’s weird behavior over the years. The tweet read, “Nothing LL cool J has ever done is considered normal,” and the floodgates opened for people to share clips of LL doing strange things.

Some of the clips included LL pouring chocolate syrup on a woman’s knee in the “Loungin'” music video, washing a woman’s hair while fully clothed in the shower in a Babyface video, stiff-arming kids in a game of football in the visuals for LSG’s “Curious,” freestyling on BET’s Rap City while sitting on toilet, and so much more.