Limp Bizkit Premiere New Song ‘Dad Vibes,’ Force Us to Address Our Own Mortality

For anyone who has found themselves descending frosted-tips-first into a pit of melancholy upon hearing a song from their youth played on “Classic Rock Radio” comes the new video for Limp Bizkit’s “Dad Vibes.”

Frontman Fred Durst teased his new over-the-top paternal look early this summer, and now it seems he’s gone full dad with the track, which sounds straight out of 1999, when we all still had dreams and backward visors were the height of fashion.

“Check out your dad with the swag on the floor/Momma gonna brag when I walk in the door,” Durst raps on what’s sure to be every father’s go-to-track for picking up their children from school in sandals and sweatpants. “Y’all ain’t ever seen a guerrilla in the mist/Walk the line so fine with a blindfold (Uhh).”

The band previously teased the track at Lollapalooza, where Durst took his new look — a silver mane and handlebar mustache — out for a spin. “Let me make this clear: This is not Woodstock ‘99. Fuck all that bullshit,” he told the crowd at the fest, a reference to the band’s inclusion in a new doc on that musical debacle — and a grim reminder of our own mortality.

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