Lil Wayne Stands Up for Rudy Gobert Amid Criticism of Defense in Jokic’s 40-Point Game: ‘The Man Just Had a Child’

Wayne argued that “nothing else matters” for Gobert after welcoming his first child with partner Julia Bonilla.

“It’s like you forget the fact that, your first child…nothing else matters,” he continued. “Your little defense against Jokic and the Finals and the playoffs. That don’t matter. The man just had a child. That’s what matters. Congratulate the man and give the man some respect for what he doing.”

It appears Wayne may have taken issue with Gilbert Arenas’ callous remarks on his podcast about Gobert missing Game 2.

“It’s a baby, bro,” Arenas said. “It’s gonna be there when you get back, we hope. I’m just saying, the baby, whatever you think you about to do, he going to be asleep. … I get you want to be with your wife and smile and stuff, and your good NBA healthcare insurance…it’s because of you playing.”

Wayne mentioned that Gobert isn’t the only one on the Timberwolves expected to compete in a playoff game when their mind could be elsewhere. Karl-Anthony Towns played Game 4 on Mother’s Day, four years removed from the death of his mother Jacqueline from complications related to Covid-19.

No word yet on if Weezy will come to Drake’s much-needed defense with the same passion.