Lil Nas X Delivers “J Christ” Single and Music Video Amid Religious Backlash

Lil Nas X is in full comeback mode. And, of course, not everyone is happy about it. 

On Friday, the polarizing artist gifted fans with “J Christ,” marking his first official release since 2022’s “Star Walkin.” The 24-year-old started teasing the song back in December, trolling his Christian critics with a series of billboards that read, “Lil Nas X, Repent Now. But It’s Not Too Late to Be Saved. Visit to Learn More!!!”

It also arrives with a music video written and directed by the artist himself.

The promoted website was an obvious response to the religious backlash Lil Nas X has received over the years, as many have slammed his use of Biblical imagery in music videos and other creative content. The Grammy-winner found himself in similar hot water this week after he unveiled the cover art for “J Christ.” The image depicts X as a Christlike figure on a cross, donning a crown of thorns.