Lil Baby Takes Stock of His Unexpected Rise in New ‘Untrapped’ Trailer

Lil Baby traces his rise from someone who never dreamed of rapping to a generation-defining talent in the new trailer for Untrapped: The Story of Lil Baby, set to arrive Aug. 26 on Amazon Prime Video.

The clip for the new doc, directed by Karam Gill, opens with some exceptionally high praise from Drake, who says, “Lil Baby has already cemented himself as a super important part of this generation. He’s putting distance between himself and other people. He’ll just continue to evolve — this guy’s the truth.”

From there, the trailer digs into Baby’s unexpected rise to superstardom and how he embraced music after spending time in prison. But the doc also aims to examine Baby’s own journey and success in the context of larger issues, like the criminal justice system. “After I got locked up again, my perspective changed,” Baby says. “America has a system in place, and it’s designed for us to fail. It’s a trap. I couldn’t go back to prison. I became an artist with something to say and people to stand for.”

Untrapped premiered earlier this year at the Tribeca Film Festival. Along with prepping for the film’s arrival, the rapper has stayed characteristically busy with music, releasing a slew of singles, such as “Frozen,” “Right On,” and “In a Minute.” His last full-length album, My Turn, arrived in 2020.