Lil B Knights 16-Year-Old Timothée Chalamet in Incredibly Based Resurfaced Clip

Shortly after the viral clip resurfaced on social media, another video made the rounds showing Chalamet referencing Lil B during a press round for his latest film Dune 2.

During an interview with Elle, Chalamet and his Dune co-star Austin Butler were asked about a past fashion choice that they regret. Chalamet mentioned Lil B, who he credited with inspiring him to wear an “incredibly beat up” pair of Vans to an event.

“There was a rapper named Lil B the BasedGod who was famous for wearing this pair of Vans that were, like, incredibly beat up,” Chalamet shared. “And I was inspired by that, so I had a really nasty pair of Vans kinda coming out of high school. I remember I went to a thing once, I mean, there were holes in the bottom of the Vans. I wore ’em with no socks. That’s one I see, I’m like, ‘Man, that looks nasty.'”