Like With His Viral Hit, Stephen Sanchez Channels the 1950s in Video for ‘Until I Found You’

Stephen Sanchez keeps it classic in the video for “Until I Found You,” shared exclusively with Rolling Stone. In the fun, throwback visual, Sanchez rocks an Elvis Presley-like hairdo and has a Marilyn Monroe-like love interest as he sings the soulful ballad.

“I was obsessed with the style of the 50s when I was growing up. The glamorous cars, movie theaters, mom & pop shops,” he tells Rolling Stone. “I romanticized all of its visually stunning colors and sleekness. I wanted to implement all of that beauty into my dream of being a 1950s singer debuting his ‘hit’ song on the Ed Sullivan Show.”

The visual sees Sanchez singing the classic track inside a convertible while a Monroe-looking songstress sits on the back of the car before switching scenes on the TV set, just like the music-makers of yesteryear would on live TV.

The video then sees him shredding the guitar and serving his best Elvis-inspired dance moves before a dream-like movie scene. For Sanchez, the visual is a “dream come true” video for an unexpected hit for the 19-year-old crooner, whose viral ballad has become a TikTok staple. (The track boasts over 382,000 videos on TikTok, mostly of loving couples sharing clips of their relationship or pairs on their wedding day.)

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“I wrote this song in my bedroom for a girl I loved,” he says of the track inspired by the love songs he grew up listening to with his grandfather. “That’s all it was and all I ever needed it to be, but now it’s the soundtrack for so many love stories.”

Since dropping the song, he’s released several versions of the track, including a remix with Em Beihold and a stripped-back piano rendition. It’s his only single this year since dropping his EP What Was, Not Now in 2021 — his first since signing to Mercury/Republic Records after going viral for a cover of Cage the Elephant’s “Cigarette Dreams” the year prior. But more music is on the way as he works with Kacey Musgraves producer Ian Fitchuk.

“No matter where this thing takes me, I never want to be any more than the person that I am: a kid who loves his friends and his music,” he says.