Liily tap into their signature cacophonous rock on debut album TV or Not TV

LA quartet Liily channel their signature frenetic musicality on debut album TV or Not TV, as they tap into the full potential of their aggressive rock sound. Brimming with manic and cacophonous melodies, Dylan Nash, Sam De La Torre, Charlie Anastasis and Maxx Morando move effortlessly from genre to genre on the 12-track production, infusing each note with unbridled energy.

Opening with the wild abandon of “ Mr Speaker Gets The Word,” before moving to the pulsing guitars and deep vocals of “I Am Who I Think You Think I Am,” the four-piece definitely catch our attention with hyped-up delivery. Lead single “TV or Not TV,” is an early stand-out which brings a sleekness to their edgy style, before the booming beats and anthemic cheer of “The Suit That Sold Itself,” offset the groove of the previous track.

Suddenly slowing things down with the glitchy build of “Anvil,” Liily showcase their sonic diversity by moving smoothly into the hazy, electro sensibilities of “The Yig.” With a twinkling touch of guitars and synths on “Monkey,” the band offer another jazzy highlight before the tail end of the album brings us back to their guitar-led rock sound.

They switch things up again towards on penultimate track “Odds Are It’s Blue,” with a slow-build foreboding quality before ending things on a surprisingly melodic note with lulling track “I’m Glad When They Arrive and I’m Glad When They Leave.” With a penchant for experimentation that seen their abrasive rock become softened by a stripped-back feel, Liily artistic evolution has brought to life their debut album, framing their unrestrained creativity with an expert refinement.  

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