Lexxicon wants us to get up and dance to “Power Over Me” [Video]

Lexxicon drops an intriguing new track "Power Over Me"—an exciting visual filled with colorful scenes that perfectly align with the energetic beats and his soothing voice.

Dropping multiple fascinating tracks and visuals that have us all moving our body to the beat, Lexxicon, a Jamaican-Toronto artist, undeniably shows his talent and creates a name for himself in the hip-hop/dancehall realm. As soon as we press play, we hear the lo-fi sounds and the snappy beats combine beautifully as the speed accelerates at a fast pace. The high-speed rhythm provides the perfect atmosphere to get up and dance. Intelligently named "Power Over Me," this track has the ability to take over our bodies through the energy that he exudes, as we begin to move our feet subconsciously to the music. While watching the visual, we also see Lexxicon using intriguing dance moves that are magnetizing and strategically designed. His smooth voice sounds like a lullaby, which also provides the environment for this song to relieve any stress that we have undergone throughout the day, giving us the ability to unwind. Through his highly-expressive songwriting, we experience a poetic love song, which only makes this track stronger due to the emotional aspect that he introduces to his art. Lexxicon does a brilliant job putting this song together. 
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