Lexi Jayde’s “Newbury Park” is the perfect breakup song [Video]

Lexi Jayde's new song "Newbury Park" is a vulnerable, shimmering track that perfectly sums up the post-breakup blues.

You can feel that sense of yearning in Jayde's voice, as her lyrics paint a vivid picture of heartbreak. With lines like, "You ruined Radiohead," you get that precise sense of pain and that nostalgia for a past relationship. When you compromise so much, you end up compromising yourself. The soft intro with her airy voice sets the scene perfectly. It builds to a perfect, cathartic release in the chorus. Gentle guitars and shimmery synths accent that feeling of desperation and loneliness.

Those memories can haunt you. Jayde explains, in a recent press release, "I had moments where I couldn't look at my bed or listen to certain songs because they just reminded me of that experience. I think it's so important to feel mutual chemistry in any relationship."

The accompanying visual perfectly encapsulates that dreamy vibe, the long drives to meet someone who isn't willing to do the same for you. It's the little details, the mundane parts that you always remember. She does such a good job encapsulating that feeling.

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