LEVVELS drops dark and enticing new single for “Personal” [Video]

Darkwave trio LEVVELS just released their latest single and visuals for "Personal." The band, who draws heavy influence from post-punk and new wave, is best known for taking sounds of the 80s and blending them together with innovative and contemporary production elements, and here, they've created a deep sense of nostalgia for the listener with an unexpected and unique modern twist. 

Their latest single "Personal" follows the narrative of getting vulnerable in relationships, which for most, is not an easy feat. The band confides that the song expresses the "mental and physical anguish of opening yourself up in order to be close to someone. The pleasure and pain, the back and forth, the passion and distraction, the friction and the harmony." Featuring deep, penetrating vocals, a seductive blend of guitar and synths, and a melody that oozes with heat and passion, the song has all the feels of a decade that was once cherished and is not at all lost.
The accompanying visuals for LEVVELS is dark, sultry and intoxicating. Pulling inspiration from 80s nightlife and UK goth culture, the video follows two lovers as they collide under dark shades of blue, black, and red. The video also features a BSDM dancer who brilliantly teases and taunts, and who could be representative of the power dynamics felt in the relationship as two independent individuals move closer together in their bond.
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