Let Bruce Gibbons’ “Don’t Believe What You Hear” Sweep You Off Your Feet

Bruce Gibbons just dropped his newest stellar single “Don’t Believe What You Hear” and it’s already spinning thousands upon thousands of streams! The song is filled with melodic progressive house music and all that comes with it – the warm synths, the funky tunes, and the front and center bass we love so much! “It all started with the bass,” the artist said in an interview. “I was playing around trying to create that funk-wav & soul-type sound. Then, it all came together with each element that got added next.”

“Don’t Believe What You Hear” is a collaboration with another awesome artist Dom Fricot who has tons of great work under his belt. “I heard Dom on a few records before, and when the song was in what I call the ‘Demo Phase,’ I reached out to him, and the rest was history. He’s a great songwriter and a fantastic singer. He helps take the track to the next level for sure,” Gibbons said.

With fun, playful, yet emotional music the likes of which listeners cannot get enough of, Bruce Gibbons has certainly created his very own lane in the scene. Check out the song along with the artist’s other works below!

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