Lékan Tella Drops Fun 80s Inspired Single Called ‘Savannah Red’

Lékan Tella surprised his fanbase and dropped last week a brand new single titled, 'Savannah Red' where he confidentially mixed soft soulful hymns, and soothing retro tones. 'Savannah Red' keeps the emotional and sensual aesthetics that Lekan Tella has established on his previous single 'Emptiness.' Even though the new track is more vivid and lifeful (thanks to '80s electro-pop vibes) the song itself stays somehow sorrow, and sensitive. Lékan’s unique vocal and his silky and soft, very The Weeknd-like voice emphasize the smoothness of the song and expose his emotional side. Lyrically, 'Savannah Red' is an uplifting ballad, Lékan sings 'Killing the pain is a part of the pleasure', and he closes the track with a positive empowering spirit, as he serenades 'Ain't nobody worried 'bout the god damn thing.'  Check out Lékan Tella's Spotify, and chill with his new track: 

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