LEEPA gets honest on new single “how to live”

Berlin-based, 22-year-old artist LEEPA shares her honest new track "how to live". It's a guitar-driven single that plays on the anthemic qualities of coming-of-age singles yet uncovers a deeper meaning with its raw lyrics.

Throwing her powerhouse vocals around with such ease, "how to live" draws on pop-punk influences whilst remaining rooted in her rich pop roots. With highly relatable lyricism about holding ourselves back, the single tears away the ideas of perfection and instead throws light on the importance of living a carefree and happy life. With its upbeat melodies and gritty guitar additions, the single is an in-your-face pop banger that encourages you to dance around your bedroom without a care in the world.

"For the past year life has kind of started to flash by me and even though I am  starring in this crazy movie that is my life, it also sometimes felt like I was just watching from the sidelines," LEEPA explains. "There were a few instances from being on stage for the "new music award" to simply just dancing with my friends that kind of ignited something in me again and made me realize that I forgot how to live."

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