Lecrae Announces Zaytoven Collab Album "Let The Trap Say Amen"

While there has been word of a collaboration between hip-hop artist Lecrae and producer Zaytoven for some time now, the confirmation of their project has finally arrived. On his Instagram today, Lecrae announced his next project, "Let The Trap Say Amen," will be arriving on June 22nd of this year. 

Much of Lecrae's music is reflective of his Christian spirituality, and judging by the title, this next project will be no different. Not wanting to be misunderstood, however, Lecrae decided to publish an editorial with DJ Booth, explaining the story behind his inspiration for the album.  

Lecrae first writes about his experiences growing up in the hood, about his homies getting robbed or getting killed. However, beyond the violence, there was a whole other aspect to the community that was left unaddressed. Years later, at a Christian conference, Lecrae felt the power of Christ for the first time, and became devoted to God. While there, he and his group went on a missionary expedition back to the hood to try and spread the word of the Lord. 

He then tell the story of how a corner boy, moved by the words of their leader, broke down, pulled out a wad of hundreds and said, "Use this to do something right by God."

That's the aspect of the trap that Lecrae is aiming to address. "Yeah, there may be a dope boy or two on the corner, but there’s also a church on every other one," Lecrae writes. "The trap does more than say 'Aye.' It says 'Amen.'"

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